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1400 years ago the Arch-Devils of the Nine Hells ascended to Hilade on a mission to march upon the Seven Heavens, known as the Baatorian Crusades. Much was destroyed – It would have been a cataclysmic end for Hilade if not for the aide of the Archons, whom descended to gather together the armies of the land and lead the people to victory – sealing the Hellgates forever.

The people of Hilade paid much thanks to their saviors, the Archons, and built temples in their honor. It became a common practice to worship the Archons for the next thousand years. The Archons, however, were not heard from again. Without any relationship with their former saviors, the people gradually lost interest in the worship of Archons, and the Baatorian Crusade eventually passed into ancient history.

The Archons, however, did not forget this great travesty. Something wicked had been sensed on the horizon, and the Archons feared history would soon repeat. In order to prevent another Baatorian Crusade, the Archons saw only one solution: Destroy Hilade, and destroy the Arch-Devil’s only bridge to the Seven Heavens.

Shamans, Seers, Priestesses and other visionaries of Hilade began to foresee an impending doom. Prophecies spoken for generations began to come to life, and many began to fear the coming of what was now called an “unexpected evil”. Nobody knew what to make of these visions, as the adversary in which they were to face could not be identified with any known forces, past or present. Warriors would be gathered and sent on to meet their destinies in unforeseen battles with the most unexpected of evils.

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